meet  Son

I am an experience designer and a prototyper whose works aim to create products and experiences that build and foster meaningful connections among people, cultures and the planet in the digital age.


My projects are often experiential stories in between physical space and objects, with humans in the center of the stories. They are playful, sometimes "absurd" and even little "out there", but as long as they bring joyful moments, count me in! I obtained my Master in Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University. Prior to that, I also developed a solid background in business and project management. 


My practice begins with being an attentive, understanding listener, while ideating and collaborating with other innovative minds from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I don't stop at thinking, I sketch and quickly prototype to actualize dreams. 

I strongly believe the computer is just another tool, and the important thing is what we - humans - are capable of doing with it to make our world a little better and happier place, yet at the same time asking what defines "better", what makes it better, who it is better for.  

I also believe hard work is part of the fun and always remind myself the greatest idea usually comes to mind when we most enjoy and find meaning in the little things.


Thanks for checking out my work!

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