Augmented Objects

What would we find when we let our curiosity follow an intriguing sound?

'It's Coming from My Mug'  | 2020 | created with  Unity

What would we see when we let our imagination create new realities out of our most ordinary objects? 

'Cotton Clouds'  | 2020 | created with  Unity

Augmented Spaces

or playfully leaving way-finding trails of local cuisines in global cities...

'Follow Me to Delicious Places'  | 2020 | created with  Unity, AR Foundation

When social distancing during global crisis COVID-19 in early 2020 made New York streets so empty, these virtual tuning forks brought the spatial healing sounds of 528Hz frequency, echoing through the streets of Brooklyn neighborhood. 

 Why 528 Hz? The  "love" frequency, or the so-called "miracle note", according to many researchers, is among the ancient sacred Solfeggio scale. It is said to bring not only spiritual and psychological healing, but also physical and biological wellness. 

Augmented Sounds