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a collection of postcards sent with an instruction to ...  burn after reading

a post-normal paper stationery 

The world became new while we were totally unprepared for it. Our once-familiar everyday life continues to change.

“The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in an instant. People's daily activity has been restricted, and days continue against the backdrop of an uncertain future. While the way we live our daily lives has changed from what it was before, the task ahead of us is not merely to rush forward, but perhaps to pause for thought. If you see things from a new perspective, you may just discover options and answers regarding what to do that differ from what you have been doing. To pause does not mean to stop thinking, and should guide today's normal to a new one." (AXIS)

A collection of 4 postcards that may look just like another paper stationery, yet their "post-normal" natures await uncovering by their users

Four gradient choices reflect the calm moments of day when you may often be reminded of loved ones, close friends far away





“Burn after reading” usually refers to confidential information that requires destruction upon receipt to protect the safety of the  people involved. But here, the person receiving the message is asked to burn it after reading for a different reason: “to prolong the time they get to spend with the message”.


Today, handwritten messages have become less popular at the convenience of digital communications. But, these messages are read within minutes only to get lost in an endless pile, never looked at again. Short messages via postcards may be exciting to receive, yet they are also often quickly read, saved in a memory box or drawer, quickly becoming forgotten in the hustle of life. Nevertheless, in this “post-normal” situation, there are moments when one might slow down to reflect and appreciate human tangible connection with stronger emotional meanings, especially with loved ones and close friends living far away. What if one could have a longer, warmer “virtual connection” with the message sender through unconventional interactions with a letter stationery product?

Insert secures message slip in place

cloud-shaped message slip made of incense paper

The message content area on this postcard is made of incense paper. As the message slowly burns away, the written words and sincere intentions, embodied in the smoke and the gentle aroma, linger in the air to stay with the message receiver just a little longer.

As our physical interactions become restricted, and gatherings with friends and family are less, let us be reminded that no physical distance can break our deep emotional connection with each other.

b u r n

a f t e r


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