Echo of Silence 2019

A clear box hung from the ceiling, containing a standing bell that sings an intriguing, yet meditative, calming sound every time a solenoid creates a mechanical pulse. But at times, the lights would turn off, and all mechanical movements cease. What controls these activities?

Standing bells are used for religious purposes, music making, meditation, as well as healing for personal well-being. The humble instrument sends us - humans of the digital age, a message about the under-appreciated power of uninterrupted silence and listening closely.

Designed to respond to room noise level as the only interactive mechanism with its audience, ‘Echo of Silence’ is the gift of feeling more connected to our surroundings and to other humans in a common physical space when we are tuning in and listening closely to ourselves, to others and the world around us in the age of constant digital distractions.


The box turns dark and ceases all mechanical activities when it "senses" a high room noise level, and becomes active again when it "senses" silence.

How can we ‘listen’, more and better, to better connect and engage with our environments and one another amid our ‘noisy’ everyday life?  (inspired by Creative Strategist Daniel Perlin)

A collaboration with Chenhe Zhang


TouchDesigner | Arduino | DMX controller


standing bell | solenoid | two-way mirror | mirror 


physical computing | fabrication | TouchDesigner programming 


Chenhe Zhang | Ellie Lin | Mark Lam | Dan Oved | David Rios | Vince Shao | Emma Norton

For more detailed development process, please visit Echo of Silence blog post


We asked our audience to write down some words or sketch anything that came to their minds after they enjoyed interacting with the box. 

Below are some of the words and sketches from our audience...