• Son Luu

315MHz Radio Receiver

Class: Electronics for Inventors

Instructor: Pedro Oliveira

Test 1: sending signal with 315 MHz Radio Receiver to 4 LED lights using A, B, C, D buttons on the controller

Test 2: create a unique code to the controller that is only recognized by this radio receiver (for private use, for example).

To do this, I need to solder the nodes inside the controller in a specific schematics. Then, I would solder the nodes on the Radio Receiver board in the exact same schematics.

This picture shows the back of the receiver after I solder the board in a specific schematics.

The board and the nodes are very small, so it is very easy to do an unsuccessful soldering job, but just take it slow and careful.

Next step is to open the controller and get the board from inside to do some similar soldering.

Then, I solder the nodes on the controller's board in the same schematics I did for the receiver:

Once again, the board and the nodes are very delicate. It was actually a lot for tedious to solder on this board than the receiver.

Functionality Demo:

Test 3: Sending signal to Arduino

Complete Circuit

Functionality Demo: