• Son Luu

A Cornell Box for Artifacts of Consequence

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Class: Designing for Live Performance

Instructor: Andrew Lazarow

As I finished reading Artifacts of Consequence by Ashlin Halfnight, I decided what stood out to me in the end was the question of what it means to be a human being in the world. This question can be further elaborated by asking what is the meaning of human existence and what matters at the end of the day, when nothing else is left, what makes a human existence remain meaningful. Is it survival? Is it human race history and cultural artifacts of the human race on this earth? Is it human-to-human interaction? Is it humans as a society? Is it the root of myself? etc.

As the emotions I felt were revealed through those questions, I decided to make my Cornell box for Artifacts of Consequence that will capture the following:

Overall environment, space and time:

- Simple, old bunker-like space, rusty metal container (water leaking in), sort of industrial, temporary living space feel

- No particular feature that signals a specific point in time

- Covered with seawater color on the outside, with remnants of seaweed, corals from being underwater

Items that represent emotions and the essence of the story that stood out to me:

- Items/features that represent the question of what matters to a human in a critical situation where the bunker may be shutting in soon and collapse, when nothing else may remain, the world and human race are facing a future of uncertainty

- Items/features that represents essentially 3 elements: (1) basic survival necessities (food, tools), (2) possibly the last of human cultural artifacts that remain after everything is destroyed (3) personal experience, connection with fellow humans

Final Product