• Son Luu

A Human-Interaction Inspired Object

Class: Thesis

Instructor: Mimi Onuoha

A prototype inspired by human interaction

Human interaction can be thought of as something precious that might bring inspiring experiences. A purposeful conversation with a friend, an unexpected interaction with a fellow backpacker when traveling to world destinations, or a shoulder of someone you can trust to lean on when in need of support... aren't they all simple, yet much needed human interactions at times?

The jar represents a before and after experience when with and without human interaction.

With newer and more advanced network technologies available, humans are highly "connected", yet somehow "disconnected".

I created an object that is inspired by the unexpected, interesting experiences created by human face-to-face interaction in the same physical space. This object also serves as a demonstration of my concept development for thesis.

Thesis prototype model

Above is a quick prototype as a proof of concept for my thesis. Then I sketched out what would be my big dream of how my thesis project might look like.