• Son Luu

Avatars and Violence

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Class: Performative Avatars

Instructor: Matt Romein

The readings for this week, which focus on violence in the game world, showed me the extent violence might mean in the unreal game world. It is shocking yet interesting at the same time to think about the issues around it including how to define violence in an unreal environment, what is the appropriate boundary, what goes on behind gamers' minds when practicing "violence" and getting creative about it, the potential impacts on gamers' character in real life as a result.

The reading list consists of:

Confronting the “Shocking” Virtual-Reality Artwork at the Whitney Biennial

To All The Sims I’ve Killed Before

GTA V Has A Big YouTube Scene Dedicated To The Most Brutal Kills

The Truth About Video Games and Gun Violence

The frustrating, enduring debate over video games, violence, and guns

Modders Keep Finding Ways To Make GTA V’s Violence More Intense

Interesting notes:

- the conflicting psychology of wanting games to feel more & more real but also not too real.

- unclear impacts on gamers' real-life characters

- is it still just a fantasy world for some? a fantasy of a violent world?

Unreal Game Engine - Third Person BluePrint Template

This week, I am creating animation of body motions wrapped around by my own avatar mesh. The animation can trigger or blend with my animation cycle.

Create animation in Animation BluePrint

Animation Demonstration