• Son Luu

Bathroom First Snow - AR

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Class: Magic Window

Instructor: Rui Pereira

For this first AR experience that I've ever created, the three characteristics of an AR/MR that it should qualify are:

- Blending the real and the virtual worlds

- Being interactive in real time

- Registering in 3D space

The idea for this experience starts with my hope to create unexpectedness if it were in real time and space. What is also part of the inspiration is my feeling of missing New York City's snowy days this winter after I came back from my winter getaway in the tropical weather of Asia. I chose an indoor bathroom to be the 3D space for the experience as it is one of the least expected place to see snow falling down.

For interactive elements, there are two: (1) snow falling down by activation with noise, the louder the noise, the bigger the snowflakes, and (2) the song starts playing as my right hand reaches a specific spot in the space.

I used p5.js Sketch and ml5 PoseNet machine learning for human pose to create a quick prototype for the experience.

Below is a video of the experience. I screen-recorded myself while interacting with the augmented reality experience. I hope you all enjoy a fun moment that I am bringing to you through this simple prototype which is also my first AR experience I've created!

Now, I am sharing with you an AR experience that is used in creating a new sport game experience I came across. I think this is an example of AR that not only connects people through games and sports, but also encourages people to live an active lifestyle. It does that by offering new ways and new experiences of these seemingly same activities that some people may not have found interested in participating before, but they may be more interested in them now.

Below is another opportunity where AR could be explored more on to create interesting experience in newsroom that the New York Times has brought up. Newsroom has been around for so long and the way news readers experience receipt of information could potentially feel dated sometimes. Yet, also, how can news delivery be more enhanced and allowed for new ways to create empathy and emotional response in the audience?