• Son Luu

Final Project Ideation - Fall 2018 - Accessibility

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Inspirations: Accessibility is my inspiration for my final project ideation. The following concepts, visions, ideas all support and are in attempt to convey the concept of "accessibility." Accessibility is a relative term although we often think of it as pure physical ability. An experience created in art and technology can become inaccessible if we make it inaccessible. Accessibility to a piece of art can be about an enjoyable experience without the need for any costly hi-tech product (such as a visual experience without the need for a pair of VR/AR goggle). Accessibility can also be about giving someone (even with fully normal physical abilities and sensibility) an experience that is not usually attained in normal conditions or settings.

Arnaud Lapierre’s Ring Installation

Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki's human sized kaleidoscope

Alyson Shotz's Mirror Fence

strings of broken glass pieces or some two-sided reflective material

Daniel Rozin's Broken Red Mirror

Concept ONE:What if my disability is an advantage? Let's explore experiences where, not having a physical ability turns out to be better off, offering more “satisfaction” or ”happiness.”

----> Potential project idea: A visual experience that makes sense only when you look at it with one eye instead of two. Or, a sound experience that is satisfying only when listening to it with one ear... or a game where 2 players uses each of their eyes to solve it.

Concept TWO: We are all crippled in our own ways. The idea of “disability” is relative. You may have all your “physical abilities, with a crippled “soul” or mind. What if I lose the control of my own sensibility and my sensibility now depends on someone else’ control?

----> Potential project idea: A visual and sound experience, where Person A controls the sound effects experienced by Person B. In return, B controls A’s visual experience. Then the two swap positions. For a short minute, while losing control one’s own sensibility, he/she provides the other person access to a unique experience. He/she is responsible for what the other senses, sees, hears, etc. OR: a game that is solved by two players, one is mute/deaf, the other is blind helping each other solve it.

Concept THREE:We depend on each other regardless of differences in our abilities and disabilities. What if the only way or solution is to combine our physical abilities?

----> Potential project idea: A visual or sound experience where the most effects can only be achieved by two or more people joining and interacting with one another (holding hands, standing besides each other).