• Son Luu

Hedwig & the Angry Inch | Color Model & Projection Assets

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Class: Designing for Live Performance

Instructor: Andrew Lazarow

This week's goals:

- Color Model

- Stills of projections integrated into model


Inspired by Girls and Boys play set designer by Es Devlin...

... and the Grand Hotel Budapest ...

... our team evaluated the opportunity to incorporate a primary color theme that speaks to gender stereotype.

Visual Assets

Below is an animation projected on the color model.

Projection Mapping Practice

We used Isadora and Mad Mapper to map projection.

- Plug in projector

- Plug in a camera

- Check projector's resolution (to make sure whichever images we use will also have the same resolution)

- Use a photo of a white background and import into Isadora

- This step is to review the Rastor (the entire area to be projected on)

- Save this background with model in Isadora

- Open MadMapper

- Capture projection area on model in MadMapper by using Spatial Scanner function in Tools. MadMapper should be able to recognize the camera once it's plugged in, and the Spatial Scanner window will have a Capture button to click on.

- Make sure to adjust the resolution in MadMapper to match with projector's resolution.

- Start adjusting each component of the projection by creating a new Composite Mapper for each of specific area that is intended to be projected on.

Spacial Scanning in MadMapper

Mapping in Isadora