• Son Luu

Week 4: Final project | Short Film

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be creating a short video piece in teams of 3-4. We were given two options to choose from: Option A: a 2-4 minute promotional video for an invented object or service. This could be an infomercial, a design fiction, or an instructable.

Option B: a 2-4 minute alternative, speculative, or counterfactual video for an existing thing or service. This could utilize a genre such as documentary, whodunit, commercial, horror trailer, etc.

The video can be funny, serious, intense, lyrical, informative, wacky, critical, political.


I am excited about this project. If there is a better opportunity to explore, learn and be as creative and out-of-the-box as I can be, this is it. My other two partners on this group project are: Joy and Timothy. None of us has any experience with sound and video, so we are all excited about the challenges that will teach us so much throughout this learning process.

We spend the first group meeting discussing potential themes for our film. We decided to go with Option 1, with some elements of Option 2. It will be an informercial/mockumentary about a new invented product and service.

After evaluating different options, we realized we needed to focus on a project that would meet the following requirements:

1. Timeline: 4 weeks

2. Limited resources:

- Actors: we didn't want to involve too many actors, which would require too much coordination and time commitment from everyone

- Locations: logistics can become a burden, especially when we don't have a lot of time and convenient means of transportation

- Processing: we want to focus on the content and the quality of every frame in terms of the right angle, the right intent, meanings conveyed, script, rather than special effects and spending too much time on post-production processing. We definitely want the film is already good in itself where any further processing should be secondary add-ons, and not necessarily required to deliver a good final product.

Next meeting we will focus on story-boarding and have a draft of all the scenes to be included, which angles they will be shot from, and a story line.