• Son Luu

Light and Color

Class: Light as Medium of Art, Way of Seeing Now

Instructor: James Clar

Week 1 Assignment: Use a white light source(s) (can be LED or other) and combine it with a single colored material to create a light effect. Take a picture/video of it, or if you want, bring it into class for presentation and critique.

My color choice for this assignment is: a yellow shade (234,189,41).

I started by searching for the colored material that would offer a nice effect with white light. At the store, I found a clear plastic file folder, perfect for creating colored shadows.

Here are some prototypes before the final product...

I created 1.5 inches long pockets on a foam board and inserted 1.5 by 1.25 inches squares of color plastic papers to create a simple pattern.

And then, ... played with a source of white light (from my phone).

Below are some of the effects I created with once source of white light and tilting the colored paper patterns in different directions and angles.

What was interesting was that I started to see some other colors appearing depending on the angles... Below we can probably see a shade of green and a shade of greenish yellow instead of pure yellow.

In the following effects, there are shades of light purple and pink mixed with the yellow clear sheets and the white background.