• Son Luu

Augmented Coffee Mug

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Class: Magic Windows

Instructor: Rui Pereira

Coffee Mug AR is inspired by sounds that are familiar with us, yet we may be experiencing them in a new or unexpected environment.

The experience asks the audience to interact with a regular object in their daily life where there could be an interesting imaginary world existing inside them. In this experience, the audience is led to such interesting and unexpected world by following a familiar sound to see what place they will be taken to or what things they will come to find.

I chose to augment myself - a human on the object while reflecting on instances in our lives where humans are the factor that bring life to an idle environment.

The experience also encourages the act of listening closely to objects and environments around us because, who knows, we might just find something unexpected, yet lively and interesting that brings enjoyable moments to our everyday experience.