• Son Luu

MoCap Lab 1

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The focus of Lab 1 was to practice: Calibration and playing with Rigidbody (reflective sensors), testing the capturing of their movements by the cameras.

In the below photo, we were able to see the white dots shown on the screen of the projection. Those are the captured dots from the rigidbody reflective sensors on the objects we created.

The steps involved were:

1. Masking

2. Calibrating (10,000 data points each camera)

3. Calculating

4. Add rigidbody movements

Made out own rigidbody object (with at least 3 sensors) that are fixed positions. I initially put 3 sensors on a rope but that didn't work because that would've been a skeleton.

We connected the motion capture with Unreal Game Engine to provide context for movements.

Discussed feedback with Kath...