• Son Luu

MoCap Lab 2

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Class: Motion Capture

Instructor: Kat Sullivan - Todd Bryant

Lab 2 Objectives:

  1. Calibrate the room and create a skeleton for each member of the team that wants to record an animation. The room can do up to 4 at a time.

  2. Take a video of the team member in mocap and their data. Make sure you save your projects and your takes. You will be using this data next week.

  3. Things to think about:

  • What actions don’t work in the space?

  • How can you use rigid bodies and full body tracking?

  • Try “breaking” the body in different ways

  • Try moving around markers while the body is tracking


1. Turn on projectors

2. Have our team members put on the motion capture suits

3. Attach sensors onto suits, using guideline provided by Motiv

4. Then, click on Skeketon with setting of Baseline 37

5. Create layout --> to create and capture the rigid bodies

6. Create name for each of the characters: Actor 1, Actor 2, etc. Give each one of them a distinguishing color to differentiate. We found that this is particularly useful later when the characters were swapped at some point. We were quickly able to identify the discrepancy thanks to the color codes.

7. Have team members do T pose to reset

8. Do the reset dance moves

9. Open world simulation file in Unreal

10. Choose the correct level where the actors/ characters are included.

11. View --> Data Streaming (to connect with Unreal)

Below image shows 3D data coming in from skeletons' movements and sensors being captured.

Getting the perspective of the camera viewpoint wasn't easy. We attached the camera viewpoint to rigid body and I was holding the rig body.

12. Click Play

Lessons learned:

  • Make sure the naming convention to be Actor 1, Actor 2 etc. because these names need to match with the rigid bodies' names in Unreal.

  • We had a difficult time connecting the rigid bodies from Motiv and Unreal.

  • At some point, there were so many breakdowns of the system.

  • We had to re-calibrate the cameras and re-capture the skeletons.

  • Video of motion capture - the reset dance moves:

  • Video of motion capture streaming in Unreal. Camera viewpoint was not easy to control.