• Son Luu

Revived Forest - AR with Image Target

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Class: Magic Windows

Instructor: Rui Pereira

For this week's prompt, I explored creating a simple AR/MR experience that has a narrative/storytelling component. I can convey an emotion, telling a story or part of it, using Image Targets and Vuforia Engine.

For this second assignment, I worked with Vuforia Engine in Unity for the first time, using Image Target, I came up with a quick and simple prototype inspired by the bushfire crisis that happened in Australia in 2019 to tell a story of climate crisis. Prolonged fires season, with record low rainfall contributed to a continent-scale emergency that burned through more than 5m hectares forest in New South Wales, Australia. Australia has always had bushfire but 2019 was the worst of all.

Inspired by this story and wanting to tell the story in the form of AR using Image Tracker, I decided to choose a photo taken of the forest in this region of Australia after it was burned down as the start of the experience and the story. Then, in envisioning a hopeful future of a revived forest while hoping for societal changes to slow down climate impacts, I added a layer of visual showing a green forest growing back up and standing strong.

The image provides excellent texture for AR camera recognition by Vuforia.

Augmented layer of 3D object of a green forest displays when pointing the picture of the burnt down forest in front of the computer camera.