• Son Luu

Spatial Architecture in Blender


I've been very excited about this world building project for the Langone Digital Innovation and Design Lab.

This 3D project is for supporting the researchers at the lab imagine the future of clinic space, how it could potentially transform healthcare delivery and experience through redesigning. the interactions between clinicians, patients and the physical space of a clinic.

Tool: Blender 2.8


The challenges that come with this project include:

- Architecture building in 3D space (that I'm completely new to)

- Tight timing requirement - 2 weeks to propose a prototype with visual design in 3D space. The ultimate goal is to create an interactive 3D space where everyone can play and navigate within it, however, due to time limitation, I'm glad the project allowed me to complete the model in still mode for the first phase of the project within the following 2 weeks. If the models are aligned with the vision of the project, then I can move forward with making the space interactive.

- Specialized clinical / medical field related objects and humans (which I also lacked experience and knowledge and would require further research into the field and the clinic architectural space)


The 3D modeling follows a storyboard that shows a patient journey through a clinical space and interaction with different people from check-in, going through an exam to completing the process. There is a scene by scene storyboard that guides me through the required models that need to be created and worlds that need to be assembled.

From the storyboard, I started building the space and decided what models I would create first, second and so on in order to tell the story.

Here are some screenshots of my Blender screen as I went through the process of building the models, materials and textures for various components that will assemble that spatial architecture, the objects in such space, the people... and while arranging them in the space.

The project is still ongoing, so hope to share very soon some work-in-progress models that I've been building in another post.