• Son Luu

Storytelling Spatial Design

In this post, I'd like to document some models and scenes I've been creating to support the Future Clinic project by the NYU Langone Digital Innovation and Design Lab.

Here is a sneak-peek at a few preliminary versions of some of the scenes and models. They look simple, yet was time-consuming, as I'm learning while figuring things out at the same time.

These models will probably go through more and more revisions before the final deliverable. But I think it would be nice to document the versions and later be able to look back at the development process and see how they evolve over these next couple months.

This first scene is an example to demo for the patients waiting in the general clinic space.

This scene below shows the patient and the doctor interacting in an exam room. It took the longest as there were many components.

This scene shows more interaction between the patient and the doctor during the consultation, going over information and exchanging immediately after the exam.

Let's see how some of these models will progress over the next few weeks.