• Son Luu

'The Choice' - Interactive Surveillance Game

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Class: Veillance

Instructor: Shawn Every

Welcome to my final project - The Choice, an interactive narrative about a main character, Sam, and his story of navigating choices in the age of surveillance. The viewer will be able to participate in the story by making recommendations to Sam as he faces having to choose between privacy and security, convenience and personal data capitalism, in various daily life situations.


Surveillance Awareness:

  • After Veillance, I've become much more aware about the world of surveillance I live in. The fear of being watched and personal data being collected is no longer an unknown fear. What remains "a struggle" is the choices I will be making when giving up personal data privacy or security for other benefits of networked devices and technology in general.

  • The good thing is that: from now on, those choices will be well-informed choices. As a reflection on my own challenge in making these choices and trade-offs, I want to create a narrative to share with others: the implications relevant to surveillance, of the choices we make on a daily basis.


  • Twine is a narrative structure generator that was the perfect tool for this project. I was glad to learn and use it for the first time.

The Process

1️⃣ Resources

📄The Privacy Project | NY Times


📄We Built an ‘Unbelievable’ (but Legal) Facial Recognition Machine | by By Sahil Chinoy


📄HELLO WORLD  S1 • E23 Inside China's High-Tech Dystopia | Bloomberg Hello World Documentary Series


2️⃣ Develop Narrative

3️⃣ Test and Develop with Twine 2.3.1

Twine is an pen-source tool created by Chris Klimas for making interactive fiction in the form of web pages: https://twinery.org/

Final Product

You can play the game right below or access the game site by clicking on the following link:


The Choice | How much privacy are you willing to give up?