• Son Luu

Week 2: Response to "Emotion & Design: Attractive things work better" by Don Norman

Link to article: https://www.jnd.org/dn.mss/emotion_design_at.html

I appreciate the points of view the author shares in regards to "good design" of a product, where all aspects should be taken into consideration and should balance, such as: functionality, aesthetic appearance, affordability, etc.

We live in a modern time where a well designed product doesn't just mean it can do the job. Indeed, it also needs to look good. Similarly, there can't be such thing that looks very nice, but doesn't make our lives easier by simply doing its job. However, there is a balanced approach. Today's product developers or designers must consider an all well-rounded approach when designing a product. The author mentions the ability and responsibility of a product in assisting humans and not adding more stress onto its users. I completely agree with this point of view. Norman then concluded that "attractive things work better" in relation to our moods at the time we use the product. He says when something looks good, it doesn't have to have absolutely the best functionality. Its ability to function efficiently and effectively may be forgiven to certain extent by its user just because its aesthetic look is pleasant/easy to our eyes and even makes us feel good for owning a piece of art.