• Son Luu

Week 2: Response to "Physical Computing's Hits (and Misses)" by Tom Igoe

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Thanks for the many inspirations by ex-ITP'ers and technologists and artists. Among the great examples and sample projects featured in Tom's article, I am most impressed and moved by Younghyun Chung's Digital Wheel Art project. It has always been my wish to participate in a meaningful project, one that not only functions, looks good, but is able to assist someone one way or another, especially one who is not as physically capable as other humans. Chung's project inspires me to not only be creative, but also be creative for the right reasons. There are many technology projects that were manipulated by their creators or users for the wrong deeds. Technology is the tool, how we use the tool is up to us. I wish technology applications could become more inclusive and provide accessibility to a wider group of users so that, humans with different levels of capabilities can enjoy the benefits and be able to do more with what they have. What technology project will I be involved creating? I don't know yet, but Digital Wheel Art by Chung definitely instilled an inspiration in me to make something responsible and helpful.

Link to article by Tom Igoe: http://www.tigoe.com/blog/category/physicalcomputing/176/

Link to Younghyun Chung's Digital Wheel Art project: http://risknfun.com/project/digitalwheelart/