• Son Luu

Week 3: Algorithmic Pattern and Interactive Design in P5

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Class: Computational Media

Professor: Cassie Tarakajian


In this design, the wave movement pattern is an algorithmic design. Button click, in this case is the middle eye, which would open the other eyes, upon clicking. The movement of mouse over the middle eye will also change the background color and make the middle eye close. Collaboration with Cara on this project was a great experience. We are both new to coding and P5 and have learned so much working with each other. This design came from several rounds of sketching, and re-sketching the design so that it meets all the interactive requirements while being a fun interactive experience but not too challenging to accomplish. We were happy with result and can't wait to share with our classmates!

We would like to give credits to the coding materials developed by our ITP professor Daniel Shiffman, which helped us tremendously in completing this project.