• Son Luu

Week 5: "Humanizer" | storyboarding

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

For our next sound and video group project, our group decided to go with: a 2-4 minute alternative, speculative, or counterfactual video for an existing thing or service. It will be a promotional "mockumentary" about a new technology product inspired by AI and machine learning technology.

For this week's assignment, we came up with our draft of a story board for our video to share with the rest of the class and hope to receive feedback on the structure, the story flow as well as shot angles for each of the scenes. We look forward to this learning experience since none of our group members has any background in video and sound.

Synopsis: "Humanizer"

The short film is a documentary commercial that promotes a new breakthrough product of artificial intelligence / machine learning - a injection serum that can turn any object into a human-like character. Humans, for centuries, wished that their favorite animals or objects could speak and behave just like other humans. This biochemical product called Humanizer made that wish come true where any object can now be given human-like characteristics with personalities, speaking capability, thinking process as well as behaviors just like humans despite physical shapes or biological composition. The promotional documentary highlights the success of Humanizer with testimony stories by a man named Sonny, an office manager who finally found the love of his life - his unique loving “wife”, and Joy, an infertile woman almost hopeless with her dream of being a mother, who ended up getting help from Humanizer to have her own “children…