• Son Luu

Week 6: "Humanizer" Premier

Class: Video and Sound

Professor: Marina Zurkow

Here it is. Our final version of the short film project: "Humanizer".

I hope you guys enjoy it and please, comment and give us feedback on what else can be done to improve the story. we would love to hear from everyone! Thank you for checking out our film!


  1. What a "fast-and-furious" yet great learning experience! I still can't believe our team came from not having any background in video or sound production, going through six weeks of learning all the key basic concepts, learning how to use different equipment, to now a finished product of a short film.

  2. The biggest lesson I learned from this six week journey is probably the importance of story telling, how to approach a story and how to tell it in a way that viewers not only understand the storyline but also the points you are trying to convey. Elements of video or film making all have an impact on how the story is told: pace, camera angle, lighting, color theme (for mood development), etc.

  3. Storyboarding - a great tool to visualize the storyline and test if the story makes sense to viewers before filming. I can see how storyboarding can also be a useful tool in other applications, such as when I need to visualize a situation or a problem that involves many steps and emotions, or when I need to plan the steps/phases of a complicated interactive experience for users who are not familiar with it.

  4. Equipment: is important not only from a technical perspective but also why it is used, and in what way. Knowing how different camera features or a video editing software' functions is important from a technical standpoint, but what is even more important is using those features and functions with an intent. Asking why I want to use a wider lens instead of one with more zoom capability, or why color correction is needed in frame A but not in frame B, is crucial to telling a story in a meaningful way. This simply takes practice. Our team definitely learned a lot from the process of making a short film, but we still lack a lot of knowledge in other areas, since other equipment features may not have applicable to what we were trying to do.

  5. Critique session in every class has been very helpful. We were too in love with our work at some point that listening to Marina and our classmates pointing out what was lacking, really helped the team identify problem early and address them in time.