• Son Luu

What is Text?

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Class: Reading and Writing Text

Professor: Allison Parish

Our assignment this week was to transcribe and/or digitize a text that has never existed in digital form before. The resulting transcript should be in plain text format (i.e., a .txt file). The goal of this project is said to be fidelity: making our transcription as true to the source material as possible. I decided to go with transcribing a session of podcast.

I found "2298" - a dystopian science fiction audio drama by Fatecrafters Studios set in the eponymous year 2298, in which a Big Brother-esque organization called The Network oversees all citizens.

The transcription I completed included the first three episodes of the podcast series.

The series has a similar vibe to the Netflix' popular "Black Mirror", except with an audio version, plus me typing every word of the episodes, every scene, character, objects mentioned started be painted in my imagination.

Below is an excerpt from my transcription.