Series of installations


 A series of installations in space, including video sculpture Stay Home Stay Creative, and interactive installation Breeze, inspired by windows - the place we look out to the outdoor environment, observing and drawing inspirations while being in our personal space. The installations augment our reality with elements of nature to encourage continued creative energy and inspirations even when we are required to stay physically isolated to cope with the pandemic. 





| 2020

A window frame made from scrap paper and recycled cardboard boxes, carries a courageous mission: to preserve and nurture someone's creativity during a time of crisis.

Windows bring light into a room. It's a place through which you look out to nature, to the outside environment to observe and seek inspirations while in your personal space. Responding to humans' desire to enjoy and interact with nature, "Stay Home, Stay Creative" is meant to bring elements from the outside environment into an indoor space. The window blinds are augmented with the presence of nature such as sunlight, shadows of living creatures and their sounds in hope of helping humans stay optimistic, and continue to be inspired and creative during the difficult time. As limited resources as there seems to be, there might just be something for us to pick up to play with and create. Indeed, it is a critical time to stay inspired and creative as we're standing in between what we're seeing in the wold and what we're hoping for. 

TOOLS: TouchDesigner, color pencils 

MATERIALS: paper, cardboard boxes 

Breeze  | 2020

Another window frame, this time, hung some wind chimes...

Fabricated with a servo motor and a proximity sensor, the wind chimes make tinkling sound when they "see" you, as if there's a breeze that's coming through your indoor space on these social-distancing days while you're away from nature and missing that gentle breeze. 

The augmented reality experience is meant to cheer you up and encourage us to keep our creative minds open even if our doors are closed. 

TOOLS: Servo motor, proximity sensor

MATERIALS: Cardboard, tuning forks